Life Aids

Pedal Exerciser

Overdoor Traction Set
Overdoor Exercise Set

Exercise Squeeze Ball Soft/ Firm

Exercise Squeeze Star Soft/ Medium/ Firm

Exercise Squeeze Egg Soft/ Medium/ Firm
Deluxe Hip Kit (Complete)
Dressing Stick
Sock Aid
Plastic Sock Aid
The Leg Lifter
Bath Sponge with Deluxe Long Handle

Shoe Horn

32” Elastic Shoelaces, Black/ White

Dragon Reacher 24 inches/ 32 inches

Arm Cast Protector

Leg Cast Protector
Pulse Oximeter for Finger Tip

Overbed Table
Step Stool With Hand Rail

Step Stool

Our in-house inventory includes, but is not limited to the listed products. Please call the pharmacy at (630) 213-0800 for pricing and availability.