HealthMart Products

Antacid & Acid Reducers

Generic Tums
Generic Pepcid
Generic Nexium
Generic Prevacid

Generic Ranitidine
Generic Pepcid Complete
Generic Mylanta


Generic Pepto-Bismol Tablets
Generic Pepto-Bismol Liquid
Generic Dramamine
Generic Dramamine (Less Drowsy)
Generic Emetrol


Generic Imodium A-D
Generic Imodium A-D Liquid

Antihistamines, Decongestants & Nasal Sprays

Generic Benadryl
Generic Children’s Benadryl
Generic Claritin
Generic Zyrtec
Generic  Allegra
Generic Sudafed PE
Generic Sudafed
Generic Afrin
Generic Flonase
Generic Nasacort
Generic Mucinex-D

Cough & Cold

Generic NyQuil Liquid
Generic NyQuil Capsules
Generic DayQuil Liquid
Generic DayQuil Capsules
Generic Robitussin
Generic Chloraseptic
Generic TheraFlu


Generic Bisacodyl
Generic Citrucel Capsules
Generic Metamucil Orange
Generic DulcoLax
Magnesium Citrate
Castor Oil
Generic Colace
Generic Peri-Colace

Generic Miralax
Generic Fleet Enema
Generic Phillips’

Analgesics (Pain Reliever)

Generic Bayer Aspirin
Generic Bayer Low dose Aspirin
Generic St. Joseph Low Dose Chewable Aspirin
Generic St. Joseph Safety Coated Low Dose Aspirin
Generic Advil
Generic Advil PM
Generic Tylenol Extra Strength
Generic Excedrin Extra Strength

Generic Tylenol Regular Strength
Generic Tylenol Arthritis Pain
Generic Childen’s Tylenol
Generic Childen’s Motrin

Vitamins/ Supplements

Generic Centrum Women’s
Generic Centrum Silver Women’s
Generic Centrum Silver Men’s
Generic Centrum Men’s
Generic Centrum Silver

Generic Metamucil Capsules
Vitamin B12
Calcium + D
Calcium + D
Vitamin D3
Folic Acid


True Metrix Test Strips
True Plus Lancets
True Plus Glucose Tablets
Generic Oceans Nasal Spray

Generic AZO
Generic Refresh Plus

Generic Pedialyte
Generic Crest Mouthwash
Generic Benadryl
Generic Johnson’s Baby Oil
Generic Polysporin
Generic Cortisone 10
Generic Neosporin + Pain
Generic Cetaphil Skin Cleanser
Generic Vicks Vaporub

Cotton Balls
Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads
Cotton Swabs
Isopropyl Alcohol
Which Hazel
Epsom Salt
Calamine Lotion
Hydrogen Peroxide

Please do not start taking any OTC items without consulting your physician. Our in-house inventory includes, but is not limited to the listed products. Please call the pharmacy at (630) 213-0800 for pricing and availability. Click here for the current HealthMart sale.