Friday’s With Phil

Join Phil on Fridays for fun, interactive and educational videos.

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Friday’s with Phil Ep.1

In this video you will watch Phil go over our Heritage LC 358 Large lift chair in the Walnut color. Click here to shop our current show room models, ready for same day pickup.

Friday’s with Phil Ep.2

In this video, Phil will be going over some heart healthy supplements including CoQ10, Fish Oil, Folic Acid and Magnesium.

Friday’s with Phil Ep. 3

Due to COVID-19, Family Pharmacy is offering curbside pickup. In this video Phil will go over how curbside pickup works. Our main priority is to keep our customers and staff safe!

Friday’s with Phil Ep. 4

In this video, Phil will teach us the importance of a pulse oximeters. Pulse oximeters measure the level of oxygen in your blood. It’s important to have one on hand for yourself or your loved ones, especially during this pandemic that affects the lungs. Stay safe!

Friday’s with Phil Ep. 5

In this video, Phil will be highlighting some features of the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller® Plus. For any questions or to test drive, please call the pharmacy and set up an appointment!

Friday’s with Phil Ep. 6

In this video Phil will be demonstrating how a self COVID-19 test is taken. Following this educational video are steps on how to get your FREE voucher online! If you don’t have a computer or smart phone, a staff member at the pharmacy can sign you up and provide you with the free voucher in store.

Friday’s with Phil Ep.7

Flu season is under way and we are urging everyone to get their flu shot! In today’s video you will find information on the different shots we carry, our safety procedures and protocols and some myths about the flu shot. We hope you stop in soon for your shot!

Friday’s with Phil Ep. 8

Today Phil will be going over his experience with receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. We would like to thank DuPage Medical Group and the DuPage County Health Department for providing vaccines to all our staff members. We want to thank both Pfizer and Moderna for all hard work and dedication that went into bringing these vaccines to the public so quickly. Now it’s our job as a community to make sure we all get the vaccine as it becomes available to the general population so we can put the pandemic behind us!