Canes & Crutches

Palm Handle Canes (L/R Hand)
Offset Canes with Strap
T-Handle Canes
Curved Canes
Folding Canes
QT Folding Canes
Adjustable Folding Seat Cane
Travel Seat Cane
Bariatric Aluminum Cane w/Strap

Folding Cane for Visually Impaired

Small Base Quad Canes (Standard/ Bariatric)
Large Base Quad Canes (Standard/ Bariatric)

Adult Aluminum Crutch
Youth Aluminum Crutch

Pediatric Aluminum Crutch
For specialty crutches, please contact the pharmacy

Our in-house inventory includes, but is not limited to the listed products. Please call the pharmacy at (630) 213-0800 for pricing and availability.